About us


RYO Solutions is an Australian business, established to assist Australian smokers who are battling the highest tobacco prices in the world.

The proprietor is a former tobacco industry executive, who is acutely aware of the financial hardship imposed on smokers and their dependants.

RYO Solutions does not encourage tobacco usage and warns that not only is it harmful to your health, it is also highly addictive.  As a result of this addiction, hundreds of thousands of Australian families are living in poverty.















Our products and services are intended for mature-aged smokers, who took up the habit in the second half of the 20th century, at a time when smoking was socially acceptable, even desirable. .

Many former smokers have managed to quit, yet others have not succeeded, notwithstanding numerous attempts.

For those who fall within this category, we offer a means of reducing the financial burden, by providing a tube-filling service, using only legal, duty paid Australian RYO tobacco.

The greatest saving of all is to quit altogether, so please do not abandon your intention to eventually quit for good.  Few people succeed at their first attempt, but eventually they succeed. So can you!