The only legal way to make your smoking habit more affordable

Posted by andre weich on

RYO Solutions provide a tubing service to Australian smokers. We use only legal (duty paid) Australian RYO tobacco and Rollo or Korona tubes. We produce perfect handcrafted, factory quality ciggies at the lowest prices. We do not use any illegal or contraband tobacco products.

The ONLY legal way to to reduce the cost of your smokes is to use less tobacco. This can be achieved in three ways: decrease the length or diameter of your cigarette tube, or reduce the density of tobacco packed in your RYO ciggie.

RYO smokers have used these techniques for years. Yet many smokers have never mastered the RYO technique, or perhaps for various reasons have not taken to rolling 'darts'.

RYO Solutions now offer the same savings that RYO smokers enjoy, but at the same time you enjoy cigarettes that look and smoke exactly the same as factory made cigarettes.

So, how much does it cost?

*Regular size: $13.95 / 20

**Slim size: $12.50 / 20

* Minimum order quantity is 1 carton of 100 cigarettes.

** Minimum order quantity is 1 carton of 200 cigarettes.